List of guests for the wedding

List of guests for the wedding: we compile correctly

wedding guest list with RSVP

In all wedding preparation, the wedding guest list with RSVP occupies a rather important place. It only seems at first glance that this occupation is simple, in fact, it is far from true. Often, future newlyweds, thinking about who to invite to the celebration, understand that a narrow circle here can not do. As practice shows, the preliminary list includes so many guests that they can only be accommodated in Versailles or some huge palace.

Guidelines for listing

All guests can be formally divided into three categories:

  1. friends,
  2. relatives of the bride,
  3. relatives of the groom.

It is worth noting that not always the number of people in each category is the same. Many relatives or friends have to be invited from other cities, but, as a rule, they are few. In order to avoid conflict situations, each side must independently resolve issues related to its guests, where to arrange them, how to meet, and also pay for their stay at the wedding. Then wedding guest list printable to visualize the entire list.

We must not forget about close relatives, since the wedding belongs to the category of family celebrations. Brothers, sisters, aunts, uncles, grandparents and godparents of both newlyweds should be invited first.

If you invite a person in a legal marriage, remember that he needs to be invited with the second half, otherwise it will be ugly. The same applies to those guests who have a strong, even unregistered relationship.

Sometimes people who are not related to relatives take part in the upbringing of the groom or bride, but nevertheless they are quite close and significant for each of their members. They also need to be invited, added to the wedding guest list pdf to give them an honorary place.

What else needs to be considered

Do not invite “prestigious” guests or someone of courtesy to the wedding celebration and include in the wedding guest list tracker. Believe me, people understand and offend you for not including them on the guest list, they will not.

Exclude from the number of invited and former second halves. The exception may be those who, even after separation, are among your friends in common with your fiancé.

It is impossible to separate guests by inviting some to the registry office, others to the wedding, and third only to the feast, the list of guests should be unified and all guests should be present at the official part and at the unofficial, unless, of course, they themselves express a desire to come up a little later. After all, the circumstances of all may be different and do not always work out in a favorable way.

Remember, the wedding guest list does not need to be compiled at one time. Perhaps it will take more than one day to compile it, but you should not delay it, since you still have a lot of things to do, including sending beautiful and original invitations for those who are still on this list. To facilitate your task, use the wedding guest list excel template, where you will simply need to enter your guest data.

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